When I wished to do Foundation in October last year, The Universe magically aligned everything such that… there I was in Mumbai, with Bhagya Maa for Foundation on 18th October. I did not research on facilitators, I never consulted anybody on who / where should I get my first Foundation from. 

All I did was put my request out in the Universe and trust what showed up. All I knew about her was from the public profile she has on Access website. And when I met her, I was like… how does it get any better?

As an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, she practices what she preaches. She is everything we talked about in the Foundation class. She is allowance, she is no point of view, she is no judgment. She just is… “being her”... effortlessly.

She is an epitome of ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS as she not only talks about it as a facilitator; she lives everything she talks about, every single day. Her weekly clearing calls are a reminder for everyone who joins, to always be in question and wonder.

It was an honor to be facilitated by her. How did I get so lucky? And the credit goes to the Universe for always having my back and for the infinite possibilities.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Universe for making it possible for me to meet her and to Bhagya Maa for the tremendous contribution she is to me every single day through her Facebook posts and Zoom calls.

And she isn’t called Maa by so many for no reason. She is love personified.

If I may steal something from you,  Maa…

Infinite loving gratitude,

~Preeti Singh Chandel

Bhagyalakshmi is the embodiment of unconditional love, gratitude and generosity of spirit. She is the kindest, warmest and the most gentle person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. In her own words, she "breathes in unconditional love and breathes out gratitude with every breath". I can personally vouch for it. She simply is a walking, talking energy and space of love, allowance and consciousness. I have known Bhagyalakshmi for the past 19 years and my respect and love for her has only grown over every passing moment. She has been my mentor, guide and a very dear friend. She has guided me through many difficult moments of my life, be it in the realm of money, health or relationships. Though I know that she will always hold my hand and gently lead me out of difficulties in my life, she has never fostered dependence. Therein lies the greatness of our Bhagya. She is ever willing to share her amazing knowing only to develop confidence in ourselves and make us aware of the beautiful beings we truly are and in a sense, set us free. Her amazing money call brings tears of joy every time I listen to it. Her amazing Friday Clearing Calls co-hosted by her son Vivek, are a revelation. The knowing and awareness she shares about allowance and being in the present is beyond yummy. She has inspired me to make a choice to not judge anyone or anything, to acknowledge my knowing, and be open to receiving.  Bhagya always says, " The abundant and benevolent universe is always willing to give in magical and miraculous ways. It is never in the way we expect it to be. We just have to be willing to receive it". By following Bhagya's advice and my knowing, my family and I have recently been recipients of abundance we never even imagined possible.

Infinite gratitude to this magnificent being. Infinite gratitude to the abundant and benevolent universe for bringing her into my life.

~Andal Murthy      

I remember the first time I attended the HOPE call with Bhagya Ji. Her demeanour was so elegant , kind and calm at the same time. Just being on that one call shifted a lot for me. Then came the choice of weekly clearing calls, which clear so much for everyone , so often we hear each other saying that someone else asked the question I had, talk about the kingdom of we!! The most dynamic change being facilitated by Bhagya Ji brought about was her emphasis on being the energy of the tools! On the very first clearing call I attended I remember her saying the “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory” , never before had each cell of my body vibrated like it did hearing any clearing ever as it did that moment! Thank you for being such a space of kindness and possibilities Bhagya Ji.

I am so lucky to have you in my life! No words can ever convey my heartfelt gratitude! Wish you all the joy and good health so that you keep spreading more love and hope ! Loads of love

~Puneet Mann

Dear Bhagya ma'am

Words fall short to narrate the tremendous change.. I have experienced since your call late evening yesterday... This morning i couldn't believe my own body and being... pains free... light headed... and all this in just about a 17.36 minutes call...

Immense gratitude to you for being you...

You rock ma'am 

~Sona  Durrani 


One of the rarest pure 24 carat beings on planet earth, for whom being in allowance, living consciously & empowering people has been the basic operating system since birth.

~ Ganesh Shenai, Bangalore, India


Bhagyalakshmi is one of the sweetest, kindest, most gentle beings I've ever had the absolute pleasure of meeting. Spending time with her is one of the greatest gifts you can gift yourself. Thank you for all that you be Bhagyalakshmi. You are an inspiration to every one of us.

~ Glenyce Hughes, Alberta, Canada



Bhagyalakshmi has the ability to perceive energy fields. she know what someone’s physical ailments are, before they open their mouth to speak, as well as experience with clearing entities and other energies.
She is a mother for many people's children and her own child, now adults, and is a successful business woman.
She has the awareness and knowing to get to anyone’s body and shine the light of consciousness on it, which allows that person to have clarity about what they have been creating as the problems and limitation in their life.
We’re all familiar with that silent moment when you can change something — but only if you choose. Bhagyalakshmi has worked with numerous people and travels to many countries, empowering individuals to expand their business exponentially,  to increase their success rate and parents to inspire their children to greatness.
She has gratitude for everyone. She is, herself, the embodiment of generosity of spirit. For those looking for the one that would move molecules, energy, transform and more, here is one of a phenomenal lady.
Ocean of gratitude to you Bhagyalakshmi.

~ Maeva, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator & Transformation Coach from Sydney Australia



Thank you Bhagyalakshmi for the amazing telecall you had about Being in allowance - it just popped up on my computer on a time when the only way to release myself was to be in allowance. Your way of using the alphabet as inspiration was fun and my body received so yummy energies and released what wasn't needed anymore. Bless you sweet being.

~ Dorit Christensen



Your quiet, comforting, gentle attitude that showers love on all those who know you makes you a rare, special soul. Your motivational quotes have added cheer to every morning!! God Bless you!!!!

~ Jayanthi Sridhar



I am overwhelmed with gratitude after my session withBhagya. My life changed for the better. I have felt so much more positive and accepting of what’s happening in my life since. Her wisdom is expressed in the most loving and clear way. Her words have soothed and inspired me during confusing times and filled me with joy and deep gratitude during happy times. And always, there is a continual reminder of the utmost importance of Love, which I find invaluable.

~ Suetle Wwslei, Consultant, Kuala Lumpur



Bhagya has been my 'Go to' person when I sail through storms. She has been the space of no judgement and embodiment of absolute kindness for me. I have been able to change and shift my reality with so much ease with her gentle reminders of what we all already know.  With no expectation, she is available for me with all her wisdom, kindness and aggressive presence. I am so grateful for who she is and what she is choosing to do.

~ Nila Nimi Nirmala Raju, U.K



Bhagyalakshmi Murali is an incredible facilitator and healer. She is the very embodiment of generosity of spirit and will stop at nothing to make a difference in someone’s life, whomsoever they are. I have seldom come across a kinder, sweeter, gentler human being and Bhagyalakshmi can effortlessly restore faith in humanity and faith in one’s self. I say these things not just because I have the privilege of being her son but also because she is one of the most phenomenal people I have had the joy of knowing. 

                                                                                                                                                    ~ Vivek Murali, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, India