What makes it an “Artless Art”?
What would it be like to be truly in allowance of everything?
What would it be like if nothing could have power over us?
What if true allowance is very different from what it is believed to be?
What if allowance is the key to thriving in this reality?
What if it's just a choice?

The Artless Art of Allowance

The Bars

This class is your introduction to Access Consciousness. In the Access Bars class, over the course of 6 to 8 hours you will be made aware of simple, pragmatic tools and techniques that can empower you to bring about dramatic change in all areas of your life.

The Foundation

Delve deeper into the workings of Access Consciousness to learn how to get out of being the victim of your life and become the creator of it. Gain greater awareness about the matrix of this reality and how you can get it to work for you instead of the other way around.

Money Class


Most people feel like they have money problems.
But what if money was not the problem at all?
What would it be like if you went from lack mentality to LAKH mentality? Maybe even something greater?
What magic and miracles with money are possible that you haven't even considered?

BE the ONE to HAVE the ONE

What would it be like to create a fulfilling relationship in your life with total ease? What if that started with ‘you’?

As the name suggests, this class offers many more advanced questions and processes to become money in a way that is beyond this reality.

Advanced Money Class

Life Is Your Game. Are You Playing?

What if we could choose to  function from beyond the framework of this reality? What if instead of living in judgement of the world around us, we could play and have fun with it from the space of an infinite being? What would it be like to remember what you are capable of and be a catalyst for change in your life?

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