Your Limitless Reality
Even though the rules, the structured reality that most of us grew up with kept us safe long into adulthood, as children we were all blessed with a healthy curiosity and limitless imaginations.
Being human, it is our inherent nature to explore that which exists just over the next horizon. We exist to constantly push the boundaries of our known realities, to experience something new, new challenges to be overcome in order that we may learn and grow.., socially, emotionally and spiritually. This we can not do if we are holding on too tightly to.., if we are allowing ourselves to be constrained by the boxed-in, limiting reality which we were lead to believe was 'adulthood'.
Go ahead, no longer deny this important part of your human nature. Re-open that box. Explore and breathe new life into that magical place in your imagination, that boundless world which most of us were forced put away along with our most coveted and cherished childhood toys all those many years ago.
Go ahead, feel free to slip the constraints of society's harness, let your imagination take flight. You are the master of your reality.
~Roger Anthony Briggs~

What if you chose never to allow anyone

including yourself to limit you ?

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