Closing your eyes you cross the threshold of conscious thought, you allow yourself to penetrate the veil and gently float, drifting aimlessly, then.. to fly. At first slowly, cautiously and... Suddenly, all trepidation leaves you and you are flying with an unknowable purpose as some inexplicable feeling of urgency takes hold of you and leads you on.
You fly up and away... Away from the bustling, modern cities and sleepy towns, away from appointments, time clocks and balance sheets. The liberation is exhilarating.
You find yourself flying freely back in time over the lakes, the unspoiled woodlands, the marshes and jungles. You watch as the pyramids come into view then fade to a place of preconception. Back over the mountains you fly, pausing for a brief moment you watch as ancient peaks erode and new peaks are pushed up, as oceans rise and fall with the ebb and flow of the great polar icecaps.
As you fly through the chaos and turmoil of the darker times, you recognize the perfect order within. Within... this is where the light is, the lovingly secure light of Is-ness. You feel your vibrational frequency increasing and you know that you are almost there.....
Re-crossing the threshold into conscious thought, you reluctantly once again open your eyes.
~Roger Anthony Briggs~

What if the world you perceive when you open your eyes is totally different from the world you believed it to be earlier ?

What if raising your own levels of consciousness can exponentially increase the consciousness of the world ?

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