To wake up to another new day………………

is something that allows me

to be grateful first thing in the morning.

It is indeed like being born again.

The vibration of gratitude

is one of the highest there is.

There are so many things

to be grateful for

every moment of every day.

It is easy to be grateful

if one is fully present in the moment.

For those who are willing to live

consciously moment by moment there is 

always something to be grateful for.

The heart that breathes in love and breathes out gratitude is a healthy and happy one.

What if, we could be as grateful and happy

for the rain as we are for the rainbow ?

One need not plan to be grateful

so that one can have more……

the state of gratitude ensures it anyway.



P.S: I am grateful to be alive and I am grateful that it has been an awesome day.I woke up grateful and I am going to bed more grateful.

Thank you for visiting the TREASURE TROVE today.