“It is the possibility that keeps me going,

and though you may call me a dreamer

or a fool or any other thing,

I believe that anything is possible.”

― Nicholas Sparks

“Any moment called now

is always full of possibles.”
― China Miéville

You have powers you never dreamed of.

You can do things

you never thought you could do.

there are no limitations

in what you can do

except the limitations of your own mind.

Darwin P. Kingsley


  The possibilities are numerous

once we decide to act and not react.

George Bernard Shaw


P.S: What if you were to know that there are absolutely no limits to what you can BE,DO or HAVE ?
What if, you were to always  choose to be on the OPPORTUNITY BVD which connects to the LIMITLESS ST ?

What if everything is just a choice ?

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