“Great wisdom may be carried on an often unexpected breeze.....
When you open the windows in your house you allow the fresh breezes to flow through. On those breezes you may pick up the identifiable scents of certain flowers in your garden, or possibly other scents, subtle scents that could trigger something in your long-forgotten childhood memory.
The key may simply be in the sound of a single word or perhaps a peculiar turn of phrase.... By listening to other people speak, no matter they be young or old, with the open windows of both your heart and mind, the breezes that drift through may trigger your memories of some inherent but long-forgotten wisdom.
Spirit will often speak to you through unconventional means.”
~Roger Anthony Briggs~

“You can never be brushed by the same breeze twice....
Life is meant to be as a fluctuating breeze of sensory perceptions and experiences. Savor, then allow each moment to pass. By not trying to capture or hold on to each moment you are allowing space for your continued self-expansion, your spiritual growth.”
~Roger Anthony Briggs~

"Each moment of the year,

has its own beauty."

~Ralph Waldo


P.S: Each moment is loaded with infinite possibilities.In the hustle and bustle of life we go through the day mostly on auto pilot.

 Infinite gratitude to all those who take a moment to share their wisdom with us and for those who take amazing pictures of things in nature that most of us fail to see.


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