“It takes but one positive thought

when given a chance to survive

and thrive to overpower

an entire army of negative thoughts.”

Robert H. Schuller

We chose to come here to thrive,

to enjoy the abundance

the Universe wishes to bestow on us.

All mankind is divided into three classes:

those that are immovable,

those that are movable,

and those that move.

— Benjamin Franklin

Do you realize that when you doubt

your ability to thrive;

you are giving more importance

to external circumstances

and no importance to

your inner strength and capabilities.


Do you realize what a potent

and powerful creator you are ?


What can you choose today

that would allow you to thrive

every moment of every day

with total ease ?

  “With every choice you create

the life you’ll live;

with every decision

you design it.”
― Mollie Marti

Here's to those who love the quiet,

but thrive in chaos.”

― Verscon


P.S: What would the world be like if everyone chose to thrive and not just survive?



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