“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

~ Edward de Bono

What if, the opportunities you are looking for

are actually seeking you all the time ?

What if, you were to realize

that you are never alone…..

you have team mates

to assist you at all times ?

What if, all you need is to change

the way you choose to look at things ?

What if,there is no need to stretch,struggle

and slave to have a look at the possibilities

available to you ?

What if, as an Infinite Being you know,

that you know, that you know

…and you never need to wonder

how things work ?

What if, what you desire to create

needs a different approach ?

What if, watching and waiting for some opportunity

to emerge is no longer necessary ?

P.S: What if,fun is the missing element in most people’s lives ?

What if, as Albert Einstein  rightly said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun .” ?

What would it take for us to let go of the seriousness /struggle and have fun as we create extraordinary lives ?

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