“Be careful what you wish for...
It has been said, and I happen to agree, that thoughts have power, that a person can manifest certain outcomes, positive or negative, to situations but only if the thoughts are empowered with 'belief'.
On the surface this is a wonderful concept but, one must keep in mind the Lorenz effect, 'if a butterfly flaps its wings, its effect, though initially so trivial as to be barely immeasurable, can cause a hurricane elsewhere several weeks later'. To put it another way, what may look like a positive outcome for you today may in fact turn out to be disastrous for yourself or someone else, perhaps a loved one, somewhere down the line. Sometimes we must trust that for better or worse, the Universe will unfold as it is destined to.”
~Roger Anthony Briggs~

Butterfly In Flight : Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflyHurricane Frances hits near Juno Beach, FL with hurricane force winds. September 4, 2004. Stock Photo - 13601899









“All is connected... no one thing can change by itself.”

~Paul Hawken

“ With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


What if,we remembered that the Universe supports us in every way ???

Choices : yes, no, maybe, I do not know - choice or uncertainty concept - colorful sticky notes on a cork bulletin boardSo whatever is actualizing in our reality is created by us….either by choice or by default….depending on our point of view about things.

Possibilities : New opportunities and promising business openings at the start of a journey with track and field racing lines Stock Photo

What if,we can make a fresh start in this moment and create something that is even better than what we can possibly imagine?


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