“ Thoughts become things...

so choose the good ones! ”

Mike Dooley

Happiness : Excited emoticonThink Big : A team of people lift the words Think Big to symbolize achieving great success by setting your sights high and brainstorming huge ideasHappiness : Emoticon showing the V sign

“What does a thought look like?

Just look around you,

                right now...to see yours.”

~ Mike Dooley

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Thought : illustration of chat bubble in paper sticker style Stock Photo

Thought : Cartoon illustration showing a thought bubble with things a person is wishing for: house, car, money and a tropical island

“A question from your friend the Universe:
Just how much time do you spend thinking really, really BIG?
Good, very good! Because that's exactly how much of it you're going to get.”

~ Mike Dooley

 Think Big : Male hand drawing light bulb and Think big Stock PhotoThought : Illustration of pretty girl thinking on something. Vector Stock Photo


Think Big : Illustration of the empty thoughts of a gray elephant on a white background Stock PhotoThink Big : Illustration of a worried face of an elephant inside the room“Thinking big but acting small.… is the same as thinking small.”

                    ~ Mike Dooley

Thought : Illustration of a panda thinking at the crescent moon with an empty callout  Stock Photo


“Never compromise a dream. Do what you must.

Thought : Lazy-eyed rabbit standing with a thought cloud.The fears, beasts, and Thought : Illustration of a brown lion with empty callouts on a white backgroundmountains before you are part of the plan.


Eldorado : The Central Park in New York City


Stepping stones to a promised land.


Eldorado : The Central Park in New York City


To a time and place that is so much closer than even you expect.


Approaching Ship : Ocean liner visiting exotic port of call                    So don't let your eyes Happy Rabbit  : Easter Bunny holding o rad easter egg and smiling.deceive you, for even as you read these words, your ship swiftly approaches… ”

 ~ Mike Dooley

Thought : Illustration of a puppy with a red dog-tie thinking on a white background Stock Photo


P.S: How big are your thoughts????


Thought : Illustration of a young bird on a white background Stock PhotoWhen is it the best time to start thinking bigger than ever before??

Think Big : The words Time to Think Big on a Clock to illustrate the need to support innovation and creativity to achieve great things or solve a unique challenge or problem Stock PhotoWhat if,this is the best moment to start doing so????

Thought : Thought bubble


What if,changing thoughts/beliefs and points of view is all that is required of us in order to live phenomenal lives???

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