“Would you be willing to be so undefined you could acknowledge that you actually create your own reality and your own life? Or would you prefer to stay in the box of others’ definitions of you? The choice is yours.”
-Dr. Dain Heer

Thinking Out Of The Box : Think outside the box concept on black background

 “Would you be willing to step out of the comfort zone of limitation?”

~ Dr.Dain Heer


“What choices have you decided that you don’t have that you really do have that if you actually chose from those choices would make your life easy?
Are you willing to have the freedom & ease of total choice?”


“What if you (yes YOU!) are one of the greatest gifts this friggin' world has ever seen? What if the world doesn't even know how lucky it is to have you & what if it's time for you to know it so you can start creating the money and the life & living you desire so we can create the planet we all desire?
If you're waiting for a sign...this is it :)

~ Dr.Dain Heer

“How intensely can you BE today?”

~ Dr.Dain Heer

Photo: How intensely can you BE today?

"If today is not the best day of your life, what are you doing?"

Dr.Dain Heer on VoiceAmerica - Live Internet Talk Radio


“Is now the time to have the future you truly desire?”

~ Dr. Dain Heer




P.S:Dr.Dain Heer has helped transform more lives in the last decade or so…than most people have done in their entire lives.He is an international speaker, author and facilitator of Advanced Access Consciousness workshops worldwide.

Dr.Dain and his partner, Mr.Gary M Douglas,the Founder of Access Consciousness, are two of the nicest BEings I have ever met in my life.

They have the unique ability to reintroduce people to themselves;so that they choose to go about life in a different way altogether. They travel all over the world and are catalysts for change in the lives countless people.

Dr. Dain has also developed an amazingly unique and dynamic energy process called ‘The Energetic Synthesis of Being’ through which he teaches people to access and recognize their own knowing and abilities .

The transformation that comes about by using the simple yet very powerful tools of Access Consciousness consistently is so astounding that it can only be described as a miracle !!!!

What if, we were to realize that there is a way of living so simple and yet so powerful that all of life can come to us “with ease and joy and glory?”

What if, we were to realize that we create our reality and that we always have the power of choice ?


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