“I do believe that the single most important thing I could ever share with you with regard to maximizing the health, harmony, and happiness in your life can be summed up in just two words: 'Love Yourself' “

~ Mike Dooley

“The only way to get what you really want, is to know what you really want. And the only way to know what you really want, is to know yourself. And the only way to know yourself, is to be yourself. And the only way to be yourself is to listen to your heart.”

~ Mike Dooley

“Contrary to popular thinking, being worthy isn't something you earn, it's something you recognize.”

~ Mike Dooley

“Step number one for changing the entire world, is falling in love with it as it already is. The same is true for changing yourself.”

~Mike Dooley

“Life's not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it's about doing, being and becoming.
It's about the choices you've just made, and the ones you're about to make, it's about the things you choose to say - today.
It's about what you're gonna do after you finish reading this.”

~ Mike Dooley

 P.S:I wonder what you are going to be and do different when you finish reading this….something that allows you to…… 

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