“The Universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed; Being, Awareness and LOVE”
― Deepak Chopra

Awareness Word  : The word Awareness on a large outdoor billboard advertising sign to represent marketing, communication, and raising consciousness of important information


Even though it was the Master’s Day of Silence a traveller begged for a word of wisdom that would guide him through life’s journey.

The Master nodded affably, took a sheet of paper and wrote a single word on it: “Awareness.

The visitor was perplexed. “That’s too brief. Would you please expand on it a bit?”

The Master took the paper back and wrote: “Awareness, awareness, awareness.”

“But what do these words mean?” said the stranger helplessly.

The Master reached out for the paper and wrote: “Awareness, awareness, awareness means AWARENESS.”

~ Anthony de Mello


Empowered : Leadership Signpost Shows Vision Values Empowerment and Encouragement“Awareness is empowering.”

~ Rita Wilson


Be Present  : be here now - motivational reminder - words  in vintage wood letterpress printing blocks, isolated on white“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”― Maya Angelou


“What is necessary to Self Aware  : know yourself -  word in vintage wooden lettepress printing blocks, isolated on white Stock Photochange a person is to change his awareness of himself.” ~~Abraham Maslow


Awareness : Illustration of a Happy Earth Mascot Stock PhotoP.S:We get to choose…..whether to live with awareness or unawareness. The quality of our lives depends on that choice.

Thank You Flowers : rose, wild flowers and a card signed thank you isolated on white for visiting the TREASURE TROVE today.