If everything is consciousness and patterns of light and information, we are free to create as we choose.-MarBeth Dunn

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Despite our efforts to be present in everything that we do…..it takes only a moment of unawareness to slip into old patterns of unconscious living.

In those moments, if we could catch ourselves we could get back on track and be mindful or jump back into self judgment,self criticism and self denigration.

Choice Word : Word on the buttonThe power to pause and be fully present is a >>>>



Never miss the

Present : Hand pick and lift button opportunity wordto get back to total awareness.


Just got back home from Mumbai after three days of learning processes that help restore harmony,balance and well being. There was so much happening that I could not inform you that I was going to be away. Sorry about that.

Thank You Flowers : yellow daisy,gerbera and card signed thank you on green background Stock PhotoThank you for visiting the TREASURE TROVE today.