“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”~ Saint Augustine

Standing Straight : Concierge - woman - standing straightStanding Straight : Concierge - man - standing straightLeaning  : 3d person leaning on a rising graph arrow



To a disciple who was always at his prayers the Master said, "When will you stop leaning on God and stand on your own two feet?"

The disciple was astonished. "But you are the one who taught us to look on God as Father!"

"When will you learn that a father isn't someone you can lean on but someone who rids you of your tendency to lean?"

~ Anthony de Mello


“God didn't make a mistake when He made you. You need to see yourself as God sees you.” ~ Joel Osteen


Walk Tall : illustration of two funny wayfarers“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.” ~ Dr. Seuss


Stand Alone : stand alone tree on green meadow Stock Photo“Nothing else so destroys the power to stand alone as the habit of leaning upon others. If you lean, you will never be strong or original. Stand alone or bury your ambition to be somebody in the world.”
~ Orison Swett Marden


Stand Tall 3 D Image : Three vases standing in a row

P.S: Stand tall in your authenticity and know that God has empowered you in ways that does not require you to lean on ANYONE…….ever.

Stand Tall : Wild Giraffe in the savannah in Mikumi, Tanzania Stock PhotoIf you choose to do so… you are sure to have an PHENOMENAL day/week/month/


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