“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  Henry Ford

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“Henry Ford saw the tactical advantage in the differentiated form of communal effort and employed it in creating his assembly line system of manufacturing cars. Before Ford, a small team of multi-skilled workers would require a week or two to build a single automobile. Ford organized his shop so that every worker was responsible for only one specialized job. He stationed a large number of these differentiated workers along a single row, the assembly line, and passed the developing car from one specialist to the next. The efficiency of job specialization enabled Ford to produce a new automobile in 90 minutes rather than weeks.”

From:The Biology Of Belief

~ Dr. Bruce H. Lipton



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“To specialize is to brush one tooth. When a person specializes he channels all of his energies through one narrow conduit; he knows one thing extremely well and is ignorant of almost everything else.” ― Tom Robbins,


Different Flowers : blue flowers background, love diversity concept“In an age of specialization people are proud to be able to do Different Flowers : Bouquet of Dahlia flowers in red dotted vaseone thing well, but if that is all they know about, they are missing out on much else life has to offer.” ~Dennis Flanagan


Success : Yes I can, motivational men“Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself- and thus makSuccess : Word on keyboard made in 3De yourself indispensable.” ― André Gide


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P.S: I have chosen to post today, ideas that may seem diamDifferent Flowers : Set of tulips of different forms of flowers and colors   Image with shallow depth of field etrically opposite to each other….only because I now understand/realize that nothing is right or wrong…good or bad……everything is just an interesting point of view.


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