“You know, I used to think the future was solid or fixed, something you inherited like an old building that you move into when the previous generation moves out or gets chased out. But it's not. The future is not fixed; it's fluid. You can build your own building, or hut or condo...the world is more malleable than you think and it's waiting for you to hammer it into shape.” ~ Bono

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 The visiting historian was disposed to be argumentative.

"Do not our efforts change the course of human history?" he demanded.

"Oh yes, they do," said the Master.

"And have not our human labours changed the earth?"

"They certainly have," said the Master.

"Then why do you teach that human effort is of little consequence?"

Said the Master, "Because when the wind subsides, the leaves still fall."

~ Anthony de Mello

 Change : A man presses a button beside the word Change when asked to choose between loving or fearing change

“Things do not change; we change.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


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"There is nothing permanent except change.”~ Heraclitus



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“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson



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P.S: We have so much to learn from Nature.Nothing is always the same.There is constant change and total allowance to everything that is happening in the moment.

There is no resistance in Nature.

It does not mean that there is no action. Everything happens without struggle….just complete ease.

What if, we learn from Nature and allow change,generate/ create change and enjoy change????

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