“If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price."

Author Unknown


The Master once told the story of a priceless antique bowl that fetched a fortune at a public auction.

It had been used by a tramp who ended his days in poverty, quite unaware of the value of the bowl with which he begged for pennies.

When a disciple asked the Master what the bowl stood for, the Master said, "Your self"!

Asked to elaborate, he said, "All your attention is focused on the penny knowledge you collect from books and teachers. You would do better to pay attention to the bowl in which you hold it".

~Anthony de Mello


P.S:What would it take for you to treat yourself as a unique/ precious/valuable creation on planet Earth….today….and everyday ??

Original : golden 100  original sealWhen you choose to be aware of your true value……. you give permission to others to see the uniqueness of YOU.

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