“Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.” Gary M Douglas


Red Rose : red rose with reflection isolated on whiteIs it possible for the rose to say,

"I will give my fragrance to the good people who smell me, but I will withhold it from the bad?"

Lamp  : Diwali Diya - Oil lamp for dipawali celebration - illustration Stock Photo

Or is it possible for the lamp to say, "I will give my light to the good people in this room, but I will withhold it from the evil people"?

 Large Tree  : green tree and cloudy sky Stock PhotoOr can a tree say, "I'll give my shade to the good people who rest under me, but I will withhold it from the bad"?

These are images of what love is about.

How Happiness Happens

~Anthony de Mello


"The first recipe for happiness is: avoid too lengthy meditation on the past." ~Andre Maurois

P.SSad smile (Or lengthy fearful meditations re: the future)


Happiness : Key and heart on the white background Stock Photo

“A phenomenal life is where everything you touch and everything you do changes and alters and makes everything better for you and everybody you come in contact with.” Gary M Douglas

P.S:In continuation with the above piece of wisdom from Anthony…it is true that nothing in Nature is judgmental.

Sun : Vector Smiling Sun over white.The Sun offers light and warmth to ALL

River : beautiful morning landscape with sunrise over river Stock Photothe rivers allow everyone and everything their water

Way  : Walkway in the garden Stock Photo


the trees provide oxygen to ALL….

Judgement,criticism and exclusion are purely human traits.


Way  : Stone paved path through the park lawn Stock PhotoWant to know the way to happiness?????

Happiness is the waySmile


Happiness : Guidance and key to happiness concept using printed word on burnt paper along with compass and golden key, surrounded by dry leaf

Is there a key to happiness????

Yes,there is.

Rising above judgment of oneself and others affords one the freedom to be who one chooses to be…..happily so…….while allowing everyone/everything the same privilege.

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Lamp  : stylish indian festival diwali diya on dark background Stock Photo