“We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled.” –Mason Cooley

Baby :  newborn girl sleeps with spring flowers under a knitted pink cape Stock Photo
 Infant Photos : from baby to toddler - the whole life on a filmstrip

 "What a pretty baby you have there!"

"This is nothing! You should see his photographs!"

Words [and concepts] are indicators, not reflections, of reality. But, as the mystics of the East declare, "When the Sage points to the moon, all that the idiot sees is the finger!"
~Anthony de Mello

 Our Genuine Self : Genuine wax seal stamp Stock Photo"If we can get to the place where we show up as our genuine selves and let each other see who we really are, the awe-inspiring ripple effect will change the world."
— Terrie M. Williams

Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.
But wisdom comes by putting things together.

- John A. Morrison

What would life be like if we learn to receive appreciation with ease, and grace and joy?

What would it take for us to accept compliments graciously…without the kind of response given above by the parent ????

Real Vs Illusion : A man decides that life is what he makes happen, choosing to take charge and initiative to be successful and accomplish great things instead of being passive and reactive Stock Photo