“The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.”~ Toni Collette

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The Only Thing Keeping You From Being Free…….

Is Your Effort To Be Free.

It takes no effort to achieve that which already exists.  By 'efforting,' you create the illusion that it is not already so.  And then it may as well not be.

Go ahead and proceed as if you were enough, as if it were permitted, even needed. 

Go ahead and be as if it was only YOU here, playing your own game, to get to know yourself better and feel your own Joy. 

Go ahead as if it was all going to work out just perfectly and nothing but celebration was in store for you.

There is evidence to that very effect.  :-)

~Dr.Sue Morter


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“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

― Maya Angelou


Joy : Background with place for text and the silhouette of the hands.“To be true to one’s own freedom is, in essence, to honor and respect the freedom of all others.”



Joy : the words joy to the world in old wood type Stock Photo  “We must not be defined by what we do, but we must be what and who we are, then only happen to do what we do!”― C. JoyBell C.

  Joy : One happy face in a pyramid of balls with sad, unhappy faces symbolizing a unique person in a good mood surrounded by grumpy, dissatisfied others Stock PhotoIt is not your job to make anyone happy. It is your job to be happy. Then you are in the perfect position to uplift everyone you meet. “~ Alan Cohen


Free Images : multi cultural childrenP.S: You cannot be someone else….no matter how much or how hard you try. So why try to fit in to other people’s expectations ????

What the world needs most from you…….is to be who you were created to be…..while allowing others to be who they choose to be.

By being the best of who you are……you make a unique, invaluable contribution to this planet.

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