“To accomplish great things,we must not only act,but also dream;not only plan,but also believe.” ~ Anatole France

  Growing Apples


One day I stopped to think about growing apples. I was munching a delicious, juicy apple and took a big bite. As a result I got an apple seed into my mouth. I spat it out into my hand, with the intention of throwing it away. But instead I looked at the apple seed. Really looked. It was very dark brown, almost black. Its shape reminded me of a candle flame. A little dark brown candle flame...

I realized I was holding an apple tree in the palm of my hand. A little seed with the potential to become a beautiful big tree — a tree that could grow thousands of apples in its lifetime. Thousands of apples, each containing several seeds, each capable of growing a new tree which again could produce thousands of apples. Why then was the world not filled with apple trees?

It is a rule of nature that only a few of these seeds grow. Most never do or are destroyed early on in their growth.

And it came to my mind that it's quite often so with people's dreams as well. Wonderful ideas come to our minds but they die too soon — we don't tend to the little saplings, we don't protect them as we should. And then one day we wonder what happened to our dreams — why did they never come true?

I put the apple seed on the table, and bent down to see how the light was reflected from it, this nature's tiny wonder. I wondered how many times the farmer tried to get a seed to germinate to bring this apple into existence. How much work did it require?

Maybe it was the same with our dreams: the seeds of our dreams do not automatically grow. Like planting an apple tree, it might take many tries: like a hundred job applications to get that good job. You might send your manuscript out two hundred times before it gets accepted. You might meet dozens of people until you find a true friend.

But if you keep on sowing the seeds of your dreams, one day you will succeed. After that, others might say that you were lucky to be successful— when in fact you probably failed more often than you would like to count. But you were good at failing — you learned, you adapted, and then with your new knowledge you tried again. And again. And again. And one day success was yours.

I picked up the apple seed again - but instead of throwing it away I took an empty flower pot, poured some earth into it and planted the seed. Maybe one day it would grow into a proud tree. I'd never know if I didn't try.

  ~ Author Unknown















P.S:May you always choose to dream big dreams.


May they always actualize asap……in ways better than you can ever imagine.

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