“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”
~ Napoleon Hill

If You Bring Love

At a certain moment in Nietzsche's life, the idea came to him of what he called 'the love of your fate.' Whatever your fate is, whatever the heck happens, you say, "This is what I need." It may look like a wreck, but go at it as though it were an opportunity, a challenge.

If you bring love to that moment - not discouragement - you will find the strength is there. Any disaster that you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life. What a privilege! This is when the spontaneity of your own nature will have a chance to flow. Then, when looking back at your life, you will see that the moments which seemed to be great failures followed by wreckage were the incidents that shaped the life you have now. You’ll see that this is really true.

Nothing can happen to you that is not positive. Even though it looks and feels at the moment like a negative crisis, it is not.

~Joseph Campbell

Dangerous Wind : Parachutist with a white parachute flying among the clouds“A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind”

~Chinese Proverb



Expectations : Illustration of a Man Walking Towards a Bright Future“You might not always get what you want, but you always get what you expect.”~Charles H. Spurgeon


Faith Hope And Love : faith red word conceptual door with sky and box ladder in white room metaphor “Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.” ~Susan Taylor

                    Faith Hope And Love : trust, love, faith, hope, dream - spiritual and motivational words - vintage letterpress wood type Stock Photo                         

P.S: May you always allow yourself to be the embodiment of Trust…Love…Faith…Hope…Joy and Peace.

May you always choose to Dream BIG and see it come true in ways that are even better than you can possibly  imagine !