"It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there's nothing you can do about them, and why worry about things you do control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized."
~Wayne Dyer


A belief that the behavior of others must be controlled
—so that your observation of that good behavior will make you feel good—leaves you feeling vulnerable to their behavior.

We would like to help you to understand that neither the good feeling you find when you observe wanted behavior,nor the bad feeling you find when you observe 

unwanted behavior, is actually the reason that you feel good or bad.
 The way you feel is only ever about 
your alignment, or misalignment, 
with the Source within you.
 It is only your relationship with
 the Source within you (with your own Inner Being) that is the reason for the emotions that you feel.

While it is nice to find things in your physical environment that enhance your good-feeling alignment with your Inner Being, your understanding of why you feel good will make it possible for you to feel good regardless of the behavior of others.

Understanding that the way you feel

 is really about your Vibrational relationship with your Inner Being
—with the Source within you, with the expanded version of you who resides inside your Vortex
—gives you complete empowerment and absolute freedom.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from Jerry & Esther's Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD

I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.
~Mahatma Gandhi

I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.
Wayne Dyer

"No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change."
~Barbara de Angelis

“How would your life be different if…You stopped worrying about things you can’t control and started focusing on the things you can? Let today be the day…You free yourself from fruitless worry, seize the day and take effective action on things you can change.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

P.S:The out of control feeling is heavy,unpleasant and most unwelcome.
What if,we were to align ourselves with Source energy and allow the abundance of the Universe into our lives ????
What if,we could choose to live life as free and empowered beings ????  

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