“You don’t have to be great to start,but you have to start to be great.” ~Joe Sabah

           The Starfish
One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed
a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean.

Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?”The boy replied,“Throwing starfish back into the ocean.
The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”

“Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish?
You can’t possibly make a difference!”

After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish,and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said,
I made a difference for that one.”

~ Loren Eisley


“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren't any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn't be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life's challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person. ”

-R. Buckminster Fuller




“Act as if what you do makes a difference.It does.”~William James





P.S: I have come across many variations of this story.One has an old man throwing the starfish back into the ocean,another a young man doing so.

Yet another version,supposed to be the original and attributed to Loren Eisley, depicts a young boy doing so.

It only goes to prove an important point.It does not matter who one is.Each and every one is empowered to…