“Holding on to your past or looking at your past as a failure stops the flow of life. Let go of your past and let it be. There is great power in learning to adapt quickly.” ~Sasha Xarrian

‎Success Story: Indonesian Farmers Adapt To Climate Change

“We used to buy vegetables in the market, but now we are selling vegetables and all of them are grown without using chemical fertilizers," says Fredy Olin, a father of four.  Olin lives in a rural village in Indonesia where the core livelihood is dry land farming. “Initially many people thought we were out of our minds because when everyone else was doing slash and burn, we were planting trees.”

In Indonesia, changes to the local climate conditions has resulted in excessive rainfall, landslides, failed harvests and floods, all of which contribute to food shortages for many rural populations who rely on agricultural production for their livelihood.  By working with World Neighbors and their local partners, Olin and others like him have learned sustainable farming techniques that also help to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.


“Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.” ~Denis Waitley

Climate_change : An image of a nice clock with now or neverWhen we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”  ~Victor Frankl


P.S: Those who are willing to adapt to change with ease and joy.…grow/thrive.

Those who choose not to do so….stagnate.

It is not a difficult a difficult choice to make…..but it is still a choice.

May you always make the best and wisest choices.



P.P.S: At one time they gathered nuts…and ate fruits off the trees.Now there are fewer trees….so they choose to adapt. How much can we learn from these small yet great teachers???