“You must stick to your conviction,but be ready to abandon your assumptions.”

~Denis Waitley

 Flowers Thateat Insects : wing of a butterfly close-up Stock Photochallenge assumptions

  A woman in the grocery department of a super-market bent down to pick up some tomatoes.At that moment,she felt a sharp pain shooting down her back: she became immobilized and let out a shriek.

A shopper standing next to her leaned over knowingly and said, 

If you think tomatoes are bad,you should see the price of the fish!”

Is it reality you are responding to or your assumptions about it ?

~Anthony de Mello

“Our minds have the need to know.When we don’t know we make assumptions- they make us feel safer than not knowing.And we are pretty much always making assumptions.” 

   ~Don Miguel Ruiz

 Flowers Thateat Insects : Ladybird on a spiral“Choose an attitude of wonderment,taking in all that is being said without assuming you already know what the speaker is talking about.Let go of jumping ahead to finish his or her thoughts. In order to learn you have to risk change…changing your mind !”

~ Dwight Frindt

Camouflage : Camouflage of Leaf Insect Stock PhotoP.S:

What if,we realize that we choose to make assumptions….. based on what we think reality is or should be ….according to our perspective?

What if,we could choose to be open minded enough ……to see things as they are…..instead of jumping to conclusions???

What if,we choose to suspend our assumptions….long enough to see the way things really are ?