"The word guru is a compound of two words, gu and ru. Gu means darkness and ru means light. That which dispels the darkness of ignorance is called guru.The energy and action of removing darkness are guru. Guru is not a person, it is a force driven by grace. "- Swami Rama

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Powerful  Master

One of Yu's disciples was talking to a disciple of Rinzai:

"My master is a man capable of doing miracles, that is why he is respected by all his pupils.
 I have seen him do things far beyond our capabilities. And your master? What great miracles can he do?"

"My master's greatest miracle is that he doesn't need to display any great wonder, in order to show his pupils that he is a wise man."

~Paulo Coelho

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"Haven't you seen a balance? The lighter side goes higher. He who is spiritually higher than others does not consider himself a guru." - Sri Ramakrishna

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A Guru does not have to DO .........
just BE........and by virtue of that being-ness be a catalyst for transformation and self realization in others.
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