"Nothing useless is, or low; 
Each thing in its place is best; 
And what seems but idle show
Strengthens and supports the rest."
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Grass : field of grass and sunset

Angel of Grass

An old legend says that in the beginning, when God created the world, He gave every living thing an angel to bless and guard it - an angel for man, one for the birds, one for the beasts of the forest, one for the trees, and one for the flowers.

Even the common grass had an angel. But the angel of the grass was not pleased. Humiliated, he said, "I will have nothing to do with it. That old, homely grass can grow by itself!"

The season passed. The grass shriveled, the flowers died because the grass held no dew, the deer in the forests and the cattle in the fields died because there was no grass.

Then God turned His eyes upon the angel of the grass and asked, "Was it a small thing, or a great thing that I asked thee to do?"

Angels : angelIn shame the angel of the grass fell at the Lord's feet and begged His forgiveness, for he saw now the unsuspected greatness of his seemingly lowly task.

~Rose Bennington

Angels : angel
"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."
~Maya Angelou

Grass : Real green grass background
“Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience.Knowing grass, I can appreciate  persistence.” 
~ Hal Borland

Grass : Grass heart symbol Stock Photo           P.S:Nothing created by God is lowly, common,insignificant / unimportant or useless.Everything is unique,beautiful,useful, and important, with a significant role to play in the Divine order of the Universe.As always....beauty is in the eye of the beholder.I have seen how within a few days, grass has grown back,sensibly not in the middle, but along the edges of a newly asphalted road.I have learned resilience from it.