“It's usually the ones who are willing to do anything and everything for another that end up getting hurt.”~Author Unknown 


 The Camel's Head

One night a camel looked into the tent where his master was sleeping. "How warm it is in there!" he said. "I should like a good place like that myself."

The next night he put his head inside the door. "You will not mind my putting my head into the tent, I am sure," said he to his master. "The wind is cold tonight."

"Not at all," replied his master; "there is plenty of room."

In a little while the camel said, "Kind master, my neck is very cold; would you mind if I put it inside the tent?"

"Oh, no," said his master.

Now the camel seemed satisfied. But in a little while he wakened his master, saying, "My forelegs are getting cold. I should like to have them under cover."

His master moved over a little and said, "You may have a little more room. I know it is a cold night." So the camel moved a little farther into the tent.

Very soon the camel wakened his master again, saying, "I keep the tent door open by standing in the door. That makes it cold for both of us. Had I not better come wholly in?"

"Yes, come in," said the master. "There is hardly room for both of us, but I do not want you to suffer from the cold," So the camel crowded into the tent.

It was not long before the camel was inside and the master outside the tent.

Camel : Cartoon conductor with a camel  " People are slow at understanding you, but very quick at taking advantage of the things you say."
~Author Unknown 

Camel : Silhouette of Arab with camel at sunrise
"Saying nothing... sometimes says the most."
~Emily Dickinson 

Camel : Camel - Colored Cartoon illustration,  Stock Photo

 "I have had to learn about saying no."~ Jaclyn Smith

Camel : Funny camel cartoon P.S: Be willing to give an inch.......and lose it all !!!!! That is the story of the master who (like so many of us.....is not good at saying,"NO".
Those who choose not to learn to say no....when it is important to do so....always end up being taken for granted.