"Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.
It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections."
~Author Unknown

 THE LARK       

A poor man once owned a lark. He kept it in a small cage, which he placed near a window of his shabby house.

The man loved the lark. Since he was so poor, he was not able to give the bird much to eat. Still the lark was content. Daily she raised her voice and sang a merry tune.

One morning, as the lark sang, a finch happened to fly past the window. Seeing the lark, the finch said in wonder, “How can you possibly sing, when you are a prisoner in that cage and eat such poor food?”

To that the lark answered: “I sing because I am happy, and happiness comes from the heart. It does not depend on where I live, or what I eat. It depends on how I feel.”

Moral: True happiness is not dependable on outside conditions, it comes from within. 
Happiness : Smiley Toys on White Background                       

P.S:Reading Aesop's fables, Jataka tales,and stories from The Panchatantra kept me happily preoccupied as a child. I loved them and went back to them often.How I interpreted them decades ago.....was very different from the way I relate to them now.Yes........happiness is certainly
an inside job and
of course........... 
a choice.
It depends more on who one chooses to be and less on where one is.May you always choose to be happy...no matter what is happening
Happiness : Measuring happiness concept using burnt paper with word happiness printed on it and golden key surrounded by measuring tapeand where you are.
Let's raise the happiness quotient on this amazing planet of ours:)