"Never mistake motion for action."           ~Ernest Hemingway

Action : The word Action as a 3D illustration with an arrow hitting a target bullseye in the letter O, representing urgency or an emergency need to act now to solve a problem or complete a goal


To the disciples who were always asking for words of wisdom the Master said,

"Wisdom is not expressed in words. It reveals itself in action."

But when he saw them plunge headlong into activity, he laughed and said,

"That isn't action. That's motion."

~Anthony de Mello

When Nothing Works

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows, by itself."~- Basho

Intelligence Is Overrated: What It Really Takes to Succeed

P.S:When the mind,body and spirit work in unison......we are able to take inspired action joyously.....with total involvement ;

as opposed 
to going through the motion....in a perfunctory 
manner....one's mind...somewhere ...the body...... somewhere else and the spirit....conspicuous by its absence.