"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."
-Mother Teresa
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A father tried to teach his seven year old daughter the meaning of sacrifice. 

He explained that the finest gift a person can give is some cherished possession,one that the person values very much.

On his birthday the father found pinned to his coat a large sheet of paper on which his daughter had laboriously printed with red crayon:

"You are my faverit Daddy and I luv you heeps.My present to you is what I likes best. It is in your poket."

In his pocket he found a strawberry lollipop that he had given her the week before.It hadn't been licked once.

~Author Unknown
Strawberry Lollipop : Heart shaped lollipop, isolated on white background

P.S:Young children tend to take literally whatever they are told....and abstract concepts are best shared when they are age appropriate.
When it comes to nurturing children actions always speak louder than words.....
Sometimes what the adult means to convey........and what the child  interprets it as .......are not the same....(and this is not restricted to adult-child communication......it can happen with people of all ages)
I wonder if the father in the story meant to convey exactly what the little girl understood....
Anyway, it is very obvious how very much she loved her father.
What a blessing !!!!!