"Be grateful for whomever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond."
~ Rumi 

Sufi and the Inn

A Sufi of forbidding appearance arrived at the doors of the palace. No one dared to stop him as he made his way right up to the throne on which the saintly Ibrahim ibn Adham sat.

"What is it you want?" asked the King.

"A place to sleep in this inn."

"This is no inn. This is my palace."

"May I ask who owned this place before you?"

"My father. He is dead."

"And who owned it before him?"

"My grandfather. He is dead too."

"And this place where people lodge for a brief while and move on—did I hear you say it was not an inn?"

~ Anthony de Mello

P.S: I love stories....all of them...but once in a while, I come across a story that has the power to shake me to the  very core of my being.....and offer me tremendous food for thought.
This is one such story.
I know for sure, that whoever has chosen to come on this earth plane must some day go.There is no point skirting around this fact.
Keeping it in mind..... I need to ask myself some important questions.
Have I got my priorities right???? ???
Am I enjoying my stay in this inn.......
as much as I could ?????????? 
What can I do to live in a way that this visit turns out to be the most enjoyable one ever????????????????
It's going to be a day of reflection.....