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Dog and the Cod Liver Oil

A man began to give large doses 
of cod-liver oil to his Doberman
because he had been told 
that the stuff was good for dogs.

Each day he would hold the head 
of the protesting dog between his knees,
force its jaws open, and pour the liquid 
down its throat.

One day the dog broke loose 
and spilled the oil on the floor.
Then to the man's great surprise, 
it returned to lick the spoon. 

That is when he discovered 
that what the dog had been fighting 
was not the oil,
but his method of administering it.
Anthony de Mello

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Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!
What I choose to take away 
from the fact that....
what we do may be important....
but how we go about it 
is even more important.
What we say may be significant....
how we say it ...even more so.
In the ultimate analysis....
everything is matter......and
everything matters :)
Let's make it an extraordinary day :)