"It's time to remember who you really ARE." 
- Archangel Michael

You are unique!  

Think what a remarkable, unduplicatable, 
and miraculous thing it is to be you! 
Of all the people who have come and gone on the earth, 
since the beginning of time, not ONE of them is like YOU!

No one who has ever lived or is to come has had your combination of abilities, talents, appearance, friends, acquaintances, burdens, sorrows and opportunities.

No one is loved by the same combination of people 
that love you – NO ONE!

No one before, no one to come. 

Enjoy that uniqueness. . 
You weren’t meant to be like someone else. 

You were meant to be different. 
Nowhere ever in all of history will the same things 
be going on in anyone’s mind, soul and spirit 
as are going on in yours right now.

If you did not exist, there would be a hole in creation,
 a gap in history, something missing from the plan for humankind.

Treasure your uniqueness. It is a gift given only to you.
 Enjoy it and share it!

No one can reach out to others 
in the same way that you can. 
No one can speak your words. 
No one can convey your meanings. 
No one can comfort with your kind of comfort. 
No one can bring your kind of understanding 
to another person.

No one can be cheerful and lighthearted 
and joyous in your way. 
No one can smile your smile.
 No one else can bring the whole unique
 impact of you to another human being.


~Author Unknown

Everything I felt like saying today
has been said above....in great detail.
So I would just like to reiterate......


May you always choose to remember

how unique to truly are.