"When you play the What-If? game, look for things 
     that make you feel better.
There is never a situation in which there is not a way out—but, 
  out of habit, most people continue to choose the "lack" perspective
  until they eventually find themselves where it seems
  that there are no more choices.
But as you hold to your intention to look for evidence of 
  Well-Being and thriving and success and happiness,
  you will tune yourself to the vibrations of those things
  —and so those kinds of good-feeling experiences 
  will dominate your life."
--- Abraham
Excerpted from Jerry and Esther's book
 "Money and the Law of Attraction:
 Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" 


What if this turns out to be
   the most amazing game to play????????

What if playing this game could change
   our lives in miraculous ways ??????

What if it is only our negative beliefs
  about ourselves that hold us back ?????

What if we choose to change the way we look 
   at things ?????

What if the wisdom of Abraham is coming 
    our way today for a reason ????

What if you choose to play the "What If "?
  game consistently for a period of time 
  and see the results ????????

What if there is nothing to lose........and
    and everything to gain by playing this game ???

May your day turn out to be even more wonderful
 than you can imagine :)