“What we are is God's gift to us.
 What we become is our gift to God.”
 Eleanor Powell 
God Made Part of Me
  by: Brian Cavanaugh

"Can you tell me who made you?" the pastor asked the small boy.
The Youngster thought a moment. Then he looked up at the pastor
 and said, "God made part of me."
"What do you mean, part of you?" asked the pastor.
"Well," answered the boy, "God made me little. I grew the rest myself."
"Growing the rest" is a lifetime job for everyone.


God has created us as Co-creators in this world.....
blessed us with unique gifts and talents....and the greatest gifts.....
being the gift of choice and free will.....the rest is left to us.

"Growing the rest" is a lifetime job for everyone."
Since there is always room for improvement........
we can never say there is no more scope for growth.

We can choose to learn and grow.....

or wait for the rest of the world to change first.

The world only gives back to us .....many times multiplied...
what we choose to give ourselves.
That is why unconditional self love,self acceptance......
and willingness to change matters.
All good wishes to you for...."Growing the rest":)